Platinum Printing in the 21st Century
with Tillman Crane

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Any photographer, working in any format, film-based or digital, can make platinum prints today. Also known as platinum/palladium or platinotypes, this accessible photographic process dates back to the late 1800s. Today’s photographers use the process for the beautiful, one-of-a-kind print statement and archival stability. The unique look of a platinum print is due to the emulsion being absorbed into the paper rather than sitting on top and expanded steps between pure black and pure white both contributing to the deeper, richer feeling you experience when looking at these prints.

This workshop will give the beginner platinum printer the knowledge and experience to make platinum prints. The more experienced platinum printer can use this workshop to build on your skillset and help solve problem printing issues. We will work primarily with the Traditional platinum/palladium process, but discuss other platinum processes, including the NA 2 Process, Zia Type and Malde Ware processes. Additional topics to be covered include paper choices, image color, contrast controls, different coating methods, use of step wedges, and masking techniques.

Students should bring plenty of digital files of images they wish to print. The suggested size is 8x10 at 360 dpi. I do not recommend making prints larger than 8x10 when learning the process. Platinum printing is not inexpensive, but with properly made negatives, one can make approximately 35 8x10 prints with the required kit ( which works out to about $10 a print plus cost of paper).

With plenty of one-on-one guidance and a focus on making prints, this workshop is guaranteed to build your skills as a platinum printer.

During the week, you can expect to spend most of your time making platinum/palladium prints. However, there may be opportunities to make new images at some point during the workshop. I will give a lecture each day, adding further information or techniques that build on the previous day’s work.

Sunday Night: Introductions and Introduction to the darkroom.
Monday Morning : Workflow from RAW Capture to final print.
Monday Afternoon: Begin printing.
Tuesday Morning: Image Color based on PT/PD proportions/Continue Printing
Tuesday Afternoon: Using a different Paper
Wednesday Morning: Making your developers
Wednesday Afternoon: Printing with different developers
Thursday: Working on final prints
Friday Morning: Lecture and demo on how to make your curves.

About the instructor

My love for the platinum print began in 1976 when I first saw Frederick Evans’ work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I knew then that this was how I wanted my photographs to be seen but it was 1990 before my commitment to learn the art took precedence over other intriguing techniques. It is this journey that has informed everything about how I make photographs and led to my enthusiasm for teaching others this process. As in all things changing materials and technologies require almost constant adaptation. I feel so lucky to have a job that requires curiosity, exploration and learning to create works of beauty. I hope this workshop brings you the same satisfaction!