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If you are an avid photographer looking for a unique photographic experience, you need to do a "19th Century Workshop" with the folks at Photographers' Formulary in Condon, Montana. I recently completed the "Precision Digital Negatives & the Platinum/Palladium Print" workshop there. It was an unforgettable experience. For starters, the surroundings are just plain beautiful. Lynn & Bud Wilson's ranch (home of Photographers' Formulary) is in the beautiful Swan Valley in West-Central Montana. When I drove in there I couldn't believe my eyes. What a place to do a workshop!        
Well, it kept getting better. The workshop itself was technically outstanding with the excellent facilities and was well supported by knowledgeable PT/PD printers who mixed the chemicals, did alot of handholding while we learned to coat the paper, expose it & develop it. That left us (the students) free to concentrate on making Precision Digital Negatives & earn the nuances of PT/PD printmaking. Who better could we learn from than Mark Nelson, the inventor of "Precision Digital Negatives for Silver & Alternative Processes", and Dick Arentz, author of "Platinum and Palladium Printing."
It doesn't stop there. A wonderful highlight of the week was the scrumptious meals that were prepared every day by Lynn and Staff for the whole group. Good ol' down home cookin' & served up family style. You won't find a better experience than this, so don't fool around.... Just Do it!