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Workshops in Montana   7079 Hwy 83 Condon MT 59826     
Call to inquire about your event - (800) 922-5255  or email: formulary@blackfoot.net
Each pre-dawn morning and most late day light will be shooting with the Montana landscape as a backdrop in whatever film format you choose. We will learn how to see and evaluate the light and landscape and most importantly techniques to create an image, which has dimension and the feeling of depth. Various contrast situations will present themselves and we will learn how to best exploit what the Montana light offers and produce negatives designed specifically for varying lighting conditions. Some of each morning’s film will be Pyro processed and Split Contrast printed during each day’s darkroom component.

 The teaching approach is laid back and non-demanding, however, every minute of every day will be aimed at gaining knowledge and advancing each student’s technique. 

Sharing fundamentals of how and why certain techniques work so that students can truly adapt those principles to their own individual workflow will be a daily goal. Numerous visual comparisons to illustrate theory but more importantly real world practical application will be used to explain the concept of negative design and Split Contrast Grade printing. Much of the information and technique shared during the workshop will be targeted at why film capture is superior to digital capture regardless of the end result, whether wet processed Silver Gelatin or Film scanned and digital output as the final medium. 

Sherman’s perfection of the Semi-Stand method of processing film has allowed for progressive negative design departing from traditionally accepted wisdom to exploit the Multi-Contrast capabilities of modern Silver Gelatin papers. Sherman’s Silver prints have been acclaimed by some of the finest Silver printers in the world as the Gold Standard of completely organically produced Film generated Silver prints. Ultra Large Format in camera negatives processed with a Minimal Agitation type processing can yield Pt. / Pd. prints of startling acutance.  

A forty-page manuscript detailing every step of Sherman’s Power of Process is given to students at the beginning of the workshop and is theirs for the keeping. Students regularly keep in contact via email long after his workshops conclude to continue advancing their technique and workflow.  

Steve Sherman’s Web Site @ http://www.powerofprocesstips.com/

Tuition: 795.00( this does not include meals & lodging)

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About the Instructor

Steve Sherman began his photography career in 1981 and soon went to work for a portrait studio that sought to venture into the commercial and illustration aspect of professional photography. Sherman studied and trained in large film and illustration assignments but grew tired of client demands made not only on his time but also the freedom to express his love of the environment thorough photography.

By 1985 Sherman’s Large Format black and white work was represented by the prestigious Robert Klein Gallery in Boston and is currently represented by the Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville, KY. In 1987 Sherman was asked to join other notable Large Format photographers endorsing Portriga Rapid Silver Gelatin paper in a national ad campaign for Agfa-Gevaert Corporation. His photographs are in private collections all over the world and have been purchased by the University of Louisville Photo Archives.

Sherman has authored numerous technique articles for View Camera magazine, his work has been published in the Professional Photographer, Petersen’s Photographic and Outdoor Photography.

Sherman has taught Wet Process Workshops throughout the United States and Canada for over 25 years. In ONE on ONE workshops he has taught his Power of Process to photographers who have traveled from Canada, Great Britain, France and South America. See what they and many others have to say about their experience in this link: http://www.steve-sherman.com/workshops.cfm

Power of Process
with Steve Sherman
July 22-27, 2018
 "I can't thank you enough for that wonderful workshop experience and opportunity to grow Steve - I have taken so much great stuff away with me, the trip has been a runaway fantastic success." I absolutely loved the Workshop course and your teaching methods - the one on one worked out just great - you are a natural educator where photography is concerned and the only thing that surprised me was how you got to this high level of excellence and master status working at it on a part time basis."
Stuart Walker, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

"Steve's prints are so exquisite that it's clear he has mastery over this semi-stand process. 
If you ever get a chance to see his images in person, do it, because they are (IMHO) the most
 masterfully printed silver gelatin prints that I have seen from ANY printer, alive or dead, and 
I've seen a lot. This is not hyperbole”
.Michael Mutmansky

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