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Carbon is one of the oldest of all photographic processes, having been introduced more or less in its present form in 1864 by the Englishman Joseph W. Swan. It is a contact printing process that gives a final image that consists of a pigment suspended in hardened gelatin. Carbon is without question one of the premier photographic processes in history as regards image quality. Prints made with the carbon process have a unique image quality characterized by surface relief and can be made in a wide range of colors and tones, the choice limited only by the availability of suitable tissue. Carbon prints are also highly permanent, as stable if not more so than platinum prints. 

The carbon transfer workshop at the Photographers Formulary will provide detailed hands-on instruction that will teach students every step of this fascinating but complicated process. All of the various steps in making a carbon print will be explored in depth, including sensitizing carbon tissue to make it sensitive to UV light, preparation of final support papers, mating the sensitized and exposed tissue with a final support, and development of the carbon print in warm water. The students will also learn how to make carbon tissue, and to size and harden art papers as supports for the final carbon image. 

The workshop will explore in detail the Sensitometry of carbon printing with both analog film negatives and with digital negatives. Specific instruction will be provided on exposing and developing negatives for printing with carbon, and in making digital negatives.

The carbon transfer workshop will be taught by Sandy King, a fine art photographer from South Carolina who is one of the most experienced carbon printers in the world. He has published numerous articles on carbon printing in both print and on-lines sources, including Photovision, Silvershotz and View Camera and has conducted numerous workshops on carbon printing in the USA and abroad. 

Tuition: $795.00 (does not include meals & lodging)

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Carbon Printing with QTR Digital Negatives
With Sandy King
June 17-22, 2018

June 17-22, 2018

Sandy King is the author of numerous published works on photographic esthetics and techniques, including The Photographic Impressionists of Spain: A History of the Esthetics and Techniques of Pictorial Photography, Schmidt De Las Heras Fotografias 1940-60, and The Book of Carbon and Carbro: Contemporary Procedures for Monochrome Pigment Printmaking, processes and has published numerous articles on the subject, Sandy has great knowledge of alternative printing including articles on carbon in Photo Vision, View Camera, and Silvershotz, and on Kallitype , pyro staining developers and UV light sources at various on-line photography sites. He is a master of carbon printing and a landscape photographer who works primarily with medium format as well as large format and ultra large format. He also dabbles in developer formulation and is the creator of the popular Pyrocat-HD and Pyrocat-MC formulas. For more information about Sandy King and his work see http://www.sandykingphotography.com
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