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"The Art of Black & White Photography" 
with Roy Pope
August 6-11, 2023
Registration Deadline: July 6th

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In this workshop for film photographers working in black and white and using traditional methods; creating a photograph requires a lot of deliberate choices. This includes the selection of film, careful use of filters in the field, and making a series of technical and artistic choices in the darkroom.

It doesn’t get much better than the adventure of spending time making Black and White images through the process of photographic film and printing on photographic paper the patterns and textures and infinite shades of gray.

The pandemic showed us that we need to spend time with our cameras making images and the camaraderie gained with people who share the well-being of working in the wonderful Photographer’s Formulary darkroom. We will empower our creative voice by gaining unbiased feedback about our photographs with our workshop friends as our sounding boards who help us succeed through sharing our thoughts, creative impressions and inspiration that comes from within.

You will leave this hands-on workshop understanding that your decisions at the moment of capture transform your inner visions into a black and white photograph that exists because it is your story, your inner vision, visual voice, and inner light. As creatives we bind together, never stopping who we are, and the imagery that we make. This is what we do.


  • Making Sketch images for personal review.
  • Basic but practical film Test for shadow details and high value tone.
  • We will work and utilize the darkroom Facilities of the Photographers Formulary to:
  • Process film.
  • And to make Prints of work made during the workshop, and from negatives that you
  • brought with you.
  • Review and discuss our photographs.
  • Composition: Our connections to the arrangement, interaction, and flow of elements.
  • If time and weather allow, we will paint with light one evening.
  • Field trip to photograph, and explore the surrounding area.

  • Print finishing: Mounting, spotting, and being with your work in solitary study gives you a chance to be with your work. This will help you to explore and evaluate your photograph. Spending time with your photograph gives it time to speak, and teaches you understanding the importance of self-critique and discovery. It may give you ideas as to potential changes to add to your  process either in the making of or options in the darkroom.

Instructor Bio:

Photographically: I’m Tri-X schooled, and Darkroom cultivated. It is my camerathat draws me out to seek, search, and to become part of a location, and an adventure. Now-a-days, the presence of my view camera on my tripod draws people’s attention, and curiosity. I have met many people just by setting up my view camera.

 During my early educational pursuits and studies at Columbia College, I had the opportunity to study, work with, and sit in lectures with many of the time’s notedphotographers, writers, painters, and cinematographers – during this time being in thearts was tough, and not a practical occupational goal, and so I’m indebted to their
nurturing of my craft, and their insight into developing my perspicacious abilities. I have been teaching photography for 25 years, and I’m on staff in the Marketing Department at the Maricopa Community College District.

Recently, I have been exhibited in the “All Art”, and “Light Sensitive” shows at the Art Intersection’s Gallery in Gilbert Arizona. Additionally, this year, I have an Honorable distinction, and two nominated photographic distinctions in the 17th. Annual Black and
White International Spider Awards, and two nominations in the 15th. Annual InternationalColor Awards.
I am very fortunate for this creative gift in life.