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During this intensive and fun 5-day workshop you will begin making platinum/palladium prints on the very first day with negatives that will be prepared for you prior to the workshop. The next day we will delve into making high quality digital negatives using the Quad Tone RIP (QTR) program and Epson printers. You will learn how to calibrate and control this powerful tool in a straightforward way. We will then go into more detail regarding the making of fine platinum/palladium prints, experimenting with different papers and techniques. The platinum/palladium process is quite easy to learn and Kerik's casual and friendly teaching style will have you making excellent prints almost from the start. Then you will learn to use gum bichromate overprinting to stretch the medium into a new realm. Adding one or more layers of gum bichromate over a platinum print will result in a final print with added depth and richness and endless possibilities of color to enhance the emotional impact of the image. Once mastered, many printers find it difficult to go back to the straight platinum process for their work. 

While previous experience in any of the alternative processes is helpful, it isn't a prerequisite to attend this workshop. Each student should provide high quality scans or digital camera files that will be made into digital negatives. If you shoot large format, you can bring your in-camera negatives up to 5x7 and make prints from those. You can also scan negatives during the workshop, but this uses up valuable time. It is also highly recommended that you bring a laptop with Photoshop installed. There are also computers at the Formulary for student use. Be prepared to take your work in a new direction and never look back. This process is lots of fun and soon becomes addictive. Bring your sense of humor and any previous printing skills, and a good time will be had by all.

​About the Instructor
 Kerik Kouklis is a fine art photographer drawn to the landscape. Born and raised in California with a background in music and geology, Kerik combines a contemporary eye with 19th and 21st century processes to produce work that is uniquely his own. Using digital cameras and film cameras, he loves to travel and find new places to explore. Recent travels have taken him to Iceland, Mongolia, The Galapagos and the UK. Kerik is a highly skilled and respected practitioner of the platinum/palladium process and the combined gum-platinum process. He also works with the wet plate collodion process and has recently begun making colorized platinum/palladium prints by combining digital printing with his hand made platinum prints. Kerik has been teaching workshops in these processes since 1997, both in his home studio and at various locations around the US, Canada and the UK. His work is currently represented by galleries and art dealers in California and Connecticut. 

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 Gum-Platinum Print & Making Digital Negatives with QTR
with Kerik Kouklis
Date: June 30th- July 5th, 2019 
Cost: $895.00

Workshop Fee:
(does not include food & lodging)

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