Join us for a Cyanotype Printing Workshop on World Photography Day!
Cyanotypes (also known as sun prints) are one of the earliest photographic processes. The image is developed by sunlight, making the printing process a favorite among amateur and professional photographers. Created in 1842, it was used by the very first female photographer Anna Atkins, most noted for using photography in her books on various plants.
It is in revival and contemporary photographers are embracing the blue hues. 

Our instructor is an established artist who pushes the boundaries of the media by using items commonly found in any kitchen such as sea salt, baking soda and parsley. Her work has been exhibited widely stateside and abroad.

To join the workshop photography background is welcome, but not required.
Beginners are welcome. 

Cyanotype Printing
with Irina Glik
August 19-24, 2018
Tuition: $795.00 (does not include meals & lodging)

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About the Instructor

Irina Glik works at the Collection Care Department of Free Library of Philadelphia, digitizing and preserving alternative photographic materials and is attending to the New Museum Guide Program 2017-2019 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
As an artist Irina resides in Philadelphia, working on sun-illustrated images. Her work is printed in alternative photography process with digital negative. To mix the emulsion she uses sources from digitized archives, such as vintage photography magazines and manuals.
Her work was accepted to the Annual Photography Contest called Living Image 2017 (presented by HalideProject), ANIMA MUNDI festival 2017 (Venice, Italy), New York print magazine called Don’t Take Pictures for the exhibition Cyanotypes: Beyond the Blue as well as featured at the Reclaim Photography Festival (Great Britain), FairmountCrawlShow (Philadelphia), Black&White&Blue photography contest by Darkroom Gallery, USA, to name a few.
As a new local artist she contributes to the artistic path of the City of Philadelphia by running workshops, presentations and educational events. 
Growing up in Kiev, Ukraine, she studied civil engineering and architecture at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. Later, Irina became interested in art and photography which is why she continued education at the Ukrainian TV, Radio Broadcasting and Press Institute. 

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