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The Art of Invisible Light 
with Christine Hauber & Doug Ware
Date: August 4-9, 2019  Cost: $895.00
Infrared photography is a beautiful way for photographers to reach further into the art of the image. It can transform an ordinary composition into one with surreal and ethereal qualities. 

During this intensive and fun 5-day workshop, you will learn both the technical as well as the magical and creative aspects of infrared photography. With Christine’s and Doug’s guidance, you will learn to pre-visualize how infrared light affects the natural world especially concerning the sky, foliage, people, clothing and buildings. You will discover a new way of seeing and capturing the world! 

They will help you master the concepts of infrared and also lead you through a more creative and experimental journey to unique and mystical imagery. In Condon, Montana, Christine and Doug will take participants on outdoor field sessions to photograph the landscape, portraits and and man-made subjects. Time will also be spent examining and experimenting with specialized infrared post processing methods so you can develop a personal workflow. If you prefer film and the darkroom, as co-instructors, one will work with you in the darkroom while the other helps with digital workflow. You will also be able to combine the two by either scanning your negatives to use in a digital workflow or create a digital negative to use in the darkroom or for an alternative printing process.

Our Perfect Students consist of beginners to advanced infrared photographers. With two seasoned infrared photographers as your instructors, all levels will benefit from this workshop, from analog to digital. They will take care of you! Please have working knowledge of your camera as well as the basics of digital workflow. (or darkroom)

If you wish to learn digital infrared, then a converted digital camera is required. We recommend both www.kolarivision.com and www.lifepixels.com

Please bring a laptop. If you choose to work in the darkroom, the Photographer’s Formulary store will have supplies/chemicals for you.

About the Instructors:

Christine Hauber
Award Winning photographer Christine Hauber is a graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado and the University of Colorado. The current that underlies her work is the concept of serenity in a world of chaos. She is attracted to the simplicity of the minimal and she makes every effort to be a faithful visual recorder of the world around her. Her images distill scenes ranging from the ephemeral to the eternal, from the abstruse to the symbolic. As a dedicated artist, she strives constantly to explore and expand her definition of the splendor and mysterious in life and nature. Her images which have an ethereal and enduring quality are collected worldwide and can be found with the Santa Fe Society of Artists and the Arizona Fine Art Expo. 

Doug Ware
With the development of digital infrared photography, Doug Ware found himself not only photographing and processing infrared images but also teaching others the science behind the technology. His passion for the unique qualities and variety of processing options has made him an important resource in the industry. His award winning images adorn the walls of many collectors. 

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Workshop Fee:
(does not include food & lodging)

Save up to 25% off tuition with a combination of any 2 of the following discounts:

Early Bird Discount: 
An early registration by the 30th of April 2019 qualifies for a 15% discount on your workshop tuition.

Back to Back Discount:
Register and attend two classes consecutively and receive one night of your B&B stay free also receive a 10% discount off the second weeks tuition

Bring a Friend Discount 10% off available when you both sign up for the same workshop.