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The Family Heirloom: Cyanotype & Salt Printing Women’s Retreat
July 22-27
with Megan Crawford
You may be familiar with that dusty cardboard shoebox filled with musky, old photographs. Maybe it’s a catalogue of photo albums or a folder of newspaper clippings or an online database. However, those family photographs have traveled, they’re here now. Their lives can reach beyond the walls of a box or the glass of a screen. This workshop will teach you how to give family photographs new life.

Cyanotype is arguably the easiest alternative process to learn— it can easily be done outside of a traditional lab space. It gets its name from the rich shades of blue it creates (which is why they were often referred to as blue prints). However, if blue isn’t the color you’re after, cyanotypes can be toned in various materials (teas, wine, onions, etc) to produce an entirely different range of colors: purples, tans, plums, and greens are common.

Salt printing is one of the oldest alternative processes, dating back to the 1830s. Unlike cyanotype, salt can be a bit tricky, but the resulting prints are unparalleled. Salt is known for its warm brown tones and wide range of tonality, making it perfect for old photographs.

This workshop will cover basic digital negatives, so come prepared with a laptop and an image processing program (ideally Photoshop or Lightroom— something that will allow you to do basic edits and add a curve). Have your photographs scanned ready to go. Supplies will be covered under the class fee, but feel free to bring as many toning materials as you’d like (essentially, almost anything you find in a kitchen can tone a cyanotype). We will also explore experimental applications— toning and printing on fabric for cyanotype, and embroidery and hand coloring for both processes.

It will be a wonderful week of learning cyanotype and salt printing. Of course, we can’t forget the retreat side— home cooked meals, a a massage therapist on location, and a day hike will be worked in alongside the workshop.

Workshop Fee: $795.00  (does not include food & lodging)

Save up to 25% off tuition with a combination of any 2 of the following discounts:

An early registration by the 30th of April 2018 qualifies for a 15% discount on your workshop tuition.

**Register and attend two classes consecutively and receive one night of your B&B stay free also receive a 10% discount off the second weeks tuition

Remember our bring a friend Discount 10% is available when you both sign up for the same workshop

About the Instructor

Megan Crawford is an alternative process photographer based in northwestern Montana. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Photography from Montana State University in 2017. Her work as been exhibited nationally, and she has been featured in various publications. Crawford’s background in history and her interest in handmade photographs led her to pursue processes such as gum bichromate and salted paper. Her work often focuses on history and landscape: how they interact with modern and historical societies, how they interact with each other, and what they can represent in a contemporary photographic context. You can learn more about her work at meganlcrawford.com

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