The Primary focus of this workshop will be the creation of outstanding photographs, primarily in a film based workflow. Because there are no contemporary color materials available, or designed for the small darkroom, we will work mainly in black and white, although concepts in making fine photographs in color may be addressed. It is designed for anyone with an interest in using photography as a method for creating images that are personally expressive. Nathan is a master printer and flows easily back and forth from image production using film in a wet darkroom, into a digital workflow, and has even worked at methods of combining the two.

 The workshop will be comprised of field sessions, where we work together to produce beautiful or perhaps even disturbing photographs. There will be teaching sessions in the incredible facilities at the Photographers' Formulary in Condon, Montana as well as darkroom sessions in their facilities. We ask you to work hard, very hard for the period of time the workshop is in session. Field sessions typically begin well before first light and last until the direction of light is no longer conducive to making emotive photographs. Usually we take a break around mid-morning to have breakfast and meet again in the early afternoon to look at photographs created by the instructor and to critique student work. In this workshop we will also have access to darkrooms, which is fairly uncommon, so some of the sessions will revolve around darkroom practice and process. Everything is open to discussion and nothing is off limits as we delve into what it is that makes a great photograph. Why is it that some images seem to sing and you can't take your eyes off of them while others are either difficult to look at or are so boring you don't want to look at them? Art is hard work and there is no "magic formula" but there is a method to it and it can be learned by individuals that are motivated and willing to learn.
Of course we will talk about film exposure, processing and creating photographic prints that express the emotion you have toward the material being portrayed. Some new topics we will be discussing this year, for the first time, is the process of masking your negatives to get the most out of your photographs. We also will be talking about using pyro developers in processing your film and the use of multi-contrast papers to make the absolute most of the wonderful products available to us.

In the past we had students using every format of camera imaginable from 35 mm to medium and large format. I have even had students using pin-hole cameras. So nothing is out of bounds. The only necessity is that you have an open mind and a desire to learn the art of photography. Even if you have never used film in your art and have only worked in a digital work flow, you can learn the film process and you may surprise yourself!

It would be hard to imagine a place more conducive to creating great photographs than in the breath taking landscape of Northern Montana. It is truly one of the most beautiful, and wild places on the North American Continent. It is in that setting that we will be learning the art and about the art of photography.

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 About the Instructor
 Some of Nathan's earliest memories revolve around photography. As a young child Nathan found a camera in the crawl space under his home and worked in the neighborhood to earn money to purchase film and processing.
  Nathan received a bachelor's degree in 1971 from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany Oklahoma. After that he worked with inner city children in Pasadena, California. However a pre-occupation with art nearly demanded that he enter it full time. With every intention of becoming a graphic designer he enrolled at Eastern New Mexico University in 1974 in the art program.
  "As part of my degree plan it was required that I take a class in photography. The moment I saw the first photograph develop I was hooked. No longer was my plan to become a board illustrator (bored Illustrator) I would create photographs! Drawn as inexorably to photography as a bird to the sky, I pursued the dream. Perhaps it shouldn't have been all that startling. I later found out that my mother had been a darkroom worker while she was carrying me. I think she got Dektol (black and white paper developer) in my blood." Initially fascinated with the work of Ernst Haas and Dr Eliot Porter, Nathan was later influenced by the work of Ansel Adams ​and Morley Baer as well as several contemporary photographers. They have been very influential in his decision to pursue fine art photography as a career direction.
  Recent awards include Artist in Residence for the Lake Powell Artist's Association. Nathan Also served as Artist in Residence for the National Park Service at  Rocky Mountain National Park, Acadia National Park and Buffalo National River. Nathan's work has been featured in "View Camera Magazine", "The Professional Photographer" as well as "Cowboys and Indians" and "B&W Magazine" a publication which features the fine art photography of various photographers around the world. His work has also been featured in other regional and local publications such as the "New Mexico Magazine" and "Texas Highways".
  He resides in Clovis, New Mexico with his wife Virginia of 38 years, and two canine daughters, Emmajune a border collie and Calypso a golden retriever.
The Art of Black & White Photography
with Nathan McCreery

June 13th-June 18th, 2021 
Registration Deadline: May 13, 2021

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