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Creative Digital Infrared 
with Theresa Airey
Date: June 9-14, 2019  Cost: $895.00

This workshop will be packed with Power Point and instruction on composition and enhancing our creative and perceptual vision. Theresa will do many demos on how to create an image, not just take one, crossing the boundaries of photography and painting to create unique artistic images for your vision and your insights.

From Theresa: "I work with a full-spectrum converted camera (an Olympus EM5 Mark II ), which allows me to photograph in full color as well as using the various IR filters: 720nm, 830nm, 590nm and 665nm for the effect I wish to capture. I will explain and show how the different IR captures are accessible with one camera with this set up. I will also have two extra IR converted cameras for students to share and try out during the workshop ...one with an 830nm filter (dramatic BW) and one with the 720nm filter (standard).

You will need: 
  •  Converted Infrared Camera (either Full-Spectrum or one with a chosen IR filter inside)
  • Laptop   (I will send a list of the software needed at a later date)
  •  iPad (optional) 

About the Instructor:​ 
Theresa Airey, author of “Creative Photo Printmaking”, “Creative Digital Printmaking”, “Digital Photo Art” and “Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photo Art”, and Digital Photo ART: New Dimensions, has shown her work extensively with separate exhibitions in eighteen of the 50 U.S. states.
Abroad, she has held major shows in Italy, Spain, England, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Theresa’s work has been published in numerous photography and art magazines, and she has also authored two books on Bermuda, where she now resides.  

She has instructed at such fine institutions as Palm Beach Workshops in Florida, Ansel Adams’ Workshop in Yosemite, California, the New England Photographic Workshops in Connecticut, The Photographers' Formulary in Montana, Calumet in Illinois, La Montella in Italy, and the Hui Hoólana Workshops in Molokai, Hawaii. She has organized photographic travel workshops in Greece, France, Italy, Tibet, India and Peru.

She currently sits on the advisory board for Freestyle Photographic Suppliers.

She is very excited about and teaches creative digital art at her workshops--"Making a photograph instead of "taking" a photograph. She is best known for “crossing the boundaries” between traditional printmaking, painting, drawing, photography and digital art by using the computer as a tool to begin to integrate, orchestrate, and create new images.

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Workshop Fee:
(does not include food & lodging)

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