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"The Digital Artist" 
with Theresa Airey 
June 12 - 17, 2022
Registration Deadline: May 12, 2022

Workshop Fee:
(does not include food & lodging)

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This workshop will explore various techniques of turning a photograph
into a Painting. We will use a variety of apps that will include:
Impresso Pro, Dreamscope, ImageBlender, Distressed FX, Waterlogue,
Artomaton plus two softwares on the computer: TopazStudio2 and Luminar
AI. We will also be working with “layers” in Photoshop . A few
other may be covered-- if we find that we need a certain “look” such
as ProCreate.

We will have an all-day outing on one of the days during the workshop to
take photographs that will lend itself as a painting. Theresa will help
you “see” as an artist when photographing. Then, back in the studio
we will “Create Painterly Images” from your photos.

This will be a fun and informative workshop that will inspire and
cultivate the “artist within” each of us.

You can photograph with your iPhone and/or a digital camera. We will
also be working on the iPad and/or the iPhone with apps.
Post-processing: I blend iPad worked images with softwares on the
computer to create an artistic image. I will show numerous demos and
explain “how I did it” in the studio. More details will be sent
after enrollment.
Image of Two Horses Wearing Coats. Dreamscope app.

The Silver Bullet --Gypsy Cobb Horse using DreamScope and Layers in Photoshop.