Despite the pressures imposed by the predominance of digital media, black and white film media has continued to occupy a unique and valued role in great photographic art. While both have their place, black and white film media has the power to impact the viewer in ways
that digital media cannot duplicate. The purpose of this class is to give the student the requisite knowledge to achieve black and white photographs that create that unique emotional impact of the viewer.

To achieve this goal requires an understanding of all aspects of the media as well as the essentials of composition and fundamentals of design. We will explore each of these areas and will develop skills in taking photos with B&W media, developing the film, and printing the developed negatives. We’ll learn the processes used in the darkroom to achieve your black and white photographic art. However, when your print exits the darkroom, work on your art need not be finished. We will explore options for enhancing or modifying your print to further meet your vision.

The workshop will be comprised of classroom sessions where we will explore the essentials of black and white film characteristics, exposing and developing black and white film. We will take field exercises where we will practice these techniques to capture images with potential for great prints.

We’ll spend long hours in the darkroom printing your negatives. We will take time for you to show your work and we’ll review your work which is a most valuable learning opportunity We will work hard together to achieve the maximum benefit from your week. Sessions typically begin early and extend into the evening hours, giving you ample time in the darkroom as well as free time in the field. We’ll take breaks for breakfast and meet again in the afternoon. After dinner work typically is open for you to pursue your own interests, whether it be continued work in the darkroom, developing negatives, toning prints, photographing, or relaxing. 

All the sessions will be informal, and nothing is off the table in terms of discussion. Technical material presented in the classroom sessions will be supplemented by the extensive use of slides and handouts. Copies of this material will be provided to the student for subsequent reference. It would be hard to imagine a place more conducive to creating great photographs than the breath-taking landscape of Northern Montana. Combined with the world class facilities offered by the Formulary, the opportunity exists for an unforgettable photographic experience.


Dave’s photographic interests didn’t emerge until somewhat later in his life. After graduation from Arizona State University, he was commissioned an officer in the Marine Corps.  He left active duty after three years and attended Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. A year after graduation, he re-entered the Marine Corps, eventually retiring in 1981.
Dave learned much of his darkroom skills from an outstanding B&W photographer, friend, and mentor. Bob Henderson was an outstanding B&W photographer, who was more an artist than a technician. His work was characterized by unique vision and strong compositional arrangements. Dave’s work shows Bob’s vision and compositional approach to the creation of art, but it also shows further development over subsequent years, leading to both an artistic approach as well as a technically sound approach to his work.

His work is characterized by dramatic employment of light and an emphasis on texture and tonality. Dave brings extensive teaching experience to his classes, having taught basic photography and composition for eleven years at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana. He makes extensive use of slides, handouts, demonstrations, and hands-on instruction to maximize the learning experience for his students.  His classes are characterized by a relaxed, informal interactive approach to teaching and flexibility to meet unique student needs.
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"The Art of Black and White Photography"
with Dave Clough 
July 17 - 22, 2022
Registration Deadline: June 17, 2022

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